Novice’s guide to Pinterest marketing

Are you fed up of the setback in business? Are you unhappy with the marketing endeavour? Do you want to take over the marketing part of your business, but running short of time?

Pinterest is the solution to all your problems. This article is a guide for the starters to know the benefits of Pinterest in online marketing.

Why Pinterest?

With more than 100 million visits per day, Pinterest has become the talk of the marketers, not at the personal rather professional level. It has been ranked third after Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity. The beck and call service of Pinterest has made it famous within a span 4 years only. It can be used for both personal and business aspects.

How does it work?

Every website has a set pattern of working, so is true for Pinterest. One can create a pin board after registering in the site. Pin board is meant to showcase the images and videos of your products and services. This board allows people to browse the appealing stuff, pin and then like and leave comments. So it tries to build a one to one relationship with the followers or customers. Every click in the image leads to referral traffic to your website. It is suggested to use high quality good images for the purpose of attracting customers.

Optimise your pins

You can optimise your pins by adding keywords as hashtags in the description of the image. Try to mention your brand or company name. Add keywords in the board title for easy recognition by users. Try to follow influencers and Repin good quality images to get more exposure.

Keep a positive Follower-Following ratio

In order to get more Pinterest followers, you’ll need to follow others initially. In doing so you’ll end up following a lot more people than people following you back. However it clearly doesn’t look good on your Pinterest profile. So from time to time you should unfollow those who don’t follow you back.

Monitor your competition

Keep track of what your competitors are pinning and follow the trend. Check out their followers and follow them. It’s highly likely that those will follow you back. Thus you can save precious time by leveraging their hard work.

Benefits of Snapchum

In order to effectively manage Pinterest, you can use Snapchum. It can be utilised to save a lot of time and automate a lot of stuff mentioned above. Following are the benefits of Snapchum.

  1. Uploading pin: It can be used to pin multiple images without wasting much time.
  2. Save time: After scheduling the pins with the help of Snapchum – Pinterest management tool ( one can relax, as pining will be done on desired time. So if you are sick or busy during meeting, do not worry Snapchum will take care of your pin.
  3. Add team members: It is easy to add your team members on Snapchum without sharing Pinterest password. The steps are easy to follow and anyone can add friends and colleagues to their account who can manage your Pinterest profile on your behalf.
  4. Pinterest Follower management: It is very easy to manage your followers with Snapchum. You can find who don’t follow you back and unfollow them from a simple dashboard. 

There are many benefits of Pinterest that you will come to know after joining it. So if you suffering from low traffic in your online business and want to reach out to maximum crowd and keen for one to one relationship with your customers, then join Pinterest and Snapchum right now.

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