Why you must include Wanelo in your Social Media Marketing strategy

December 23, 2016

Internet is a boon for the modern world. People from different strata of the society are now aware of the importance of internet and online marketing. Every business is now using social media marketing to flourish in their domain, which is good for reaching to a larger section of the society. There are so many websites, online stores etc. but only a few provide a good medium for marketing and are able to attract traffic. High traffic means higher sales. One such effective medium is Wanelo.

Walnelo place is being used by many of the major ecommerce stores to mark their impressions on the online world. Wanelo was founded by Varshavaskya in US, who got fed up of shopping items from mainstream malls. She did not consider general malls, up to the standard. Therefore Wanelo with n number of brands and products was launched by her in 2012. It’s a belief in today’s world that those with a sharp mind use digital system holistically, to achieve the benefits of online marketing. Hence Wanelo is the first choice of many.

What is Wanelo?

Wanelo is a curation portal similar to Pinterest which is used by brands and indie sellers to showcase their products and services. This digital store has n number of stores and products. People can shop sitting at a place. One can shop resting on a bean bag and sipping coffee. There are a number of benefits using Wanelo in your social media marketing endeavour.



Why retailers should use Wanelo?

With retailer’s business, one can never come in direct contact of the customers, as far as feedback is concerned. So there are less chances of building interpersonal relationship, which is a necessity in business. Wanelo has the facility, to highlight the name of the owner, as representative of product, so your interaction with the customer becomes easy. It’s easy to observe the upcoming trends in Wanelo, resulting in a better understanding of fashion and hence good business.

Benefits of using Wanelo in social media endeavour

Official registration: By using Wanelo for your business you are able to establish an authentic store with registration. Once joined, you can recommend your products and over and above the users of Wanelo can follow your products and recommendations. Wanelo presence is known to increase the traffic in your personal page.

Easy interface: The navigation in Wanelo is extremely easy and simple therefore it is easy for the user to search the products by using hash tags. One can easily link his profile page to different social sites like facebook, websites, blogs etc.

Sharing for promotion: Each page has sharing buttons for FB, twitter, google + etc. People can use these share buttons for sharing their products and pages.

Easy operation: It is very easy for the users to check in and scroll through different stores in Wanelo. One can find list of recommended products by categories and occasion on the sidebar which makes the shopping extremely easy.

With the advent of new technology and fast forward world people now believe in utilising time rather wasting it. So if you are an owner of a store and waiting for the best marketing option then you must include Wanelo in social media marketing endeavour.

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